JEAN PATCHETT AMERICAN GODDESS Booksigning at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Mar 21st

Our 3rd Booksigning event will be in the beautiful Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center theater on March 21, 2020 hosted by Jean’s daughter Amy Auer. Authors Lois Allen Lilly and Robert Lilly will present a slide show of  images from the book, Patty Sicular will lead a question & answer discussion with Jean’s cousin Daniel Patchett joining discussions about Jean’s modeling career. Westhampton Beach was Jean’s residence outside New York City for decades a place she and husband Louis Auer III raised their family and enjoyed summer months and golf.


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JEAN PATCHETT AMERICAN GODDESS Booksigning at Rizzoli Bookstore Jan 30, 2020

Our second book signing for JEAN PATCHETT AMERICAN GODDESS was held at Rizzoli Bookstore, 1133 Broadway, New York on January 30, 2020 6-8 pm.  The event hosted by authors Robert Lilly, Lois Lilly, Jean Patchett’s Daughter Amy Auer, cousin Daniel Patchett and Patty Sicular. This event featured a slide show of Jean Patchett fashion images from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Charm, Mademoiselle and other mid-century fashion magazines narrated by Robert Lilly, a panel discussion on Jean’s Iconic career with Questions & Answers and audience participation facilitated by Patty Sicular followed by the book signing. It was an exciting, active and fun evening at the beautiful Rizzoli Bookstore. Sponsored by powerHouse Books.

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JEAN PATCHETT AMERICAN GODDESS Book Signing December 19, 2019 Staley-Wise Gallery

After the book release on December 17, 2019 the first book signing for JEAN PATCHETT AMERICAN GODDESS was presented at the Staley – Wise Gallery  100 Crosby Street, New York on December 19, 2019 6-8 pm.  The event hosted by authors Robert Lilly, Lois Lilly with Jean Patchett’s Daughter Amy Auer and cousin Daniel Patchett. There was an exhibition of framed images from Jean’s career followed by the book signing with the hosts.

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“American Goddess Jean Patchett” book to be released December 17, 2019

We are thrilled to announce “American Goddess Jean Patchett” will come available in December 17 2019, with book signing to follow in New York Boston and LA. The book about fashion model icon Jean Patchett is the dream of her daughter Amy Auer and cousin Daniel C. Patchett. The book explores Jean Patchett’s fashion career is written and produced by Robert Lilly and Lois Allen Lilly and is published by powerHouse Books. The essay and 150 iconic images chronicle Jean’s legendary modeling career that ran for 15 years starting in 1948 with Eileen Ford of Ford Modeling Agency and continues to the beginning of the 1960s. Jean was America’s number 1 model for 7 years and she is best known for the hallmark beauty spot a “mole” next to her right eye. Jean helped define the era of Haute Couture and was seen on the covers and inside glossy fashion magazines including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Mademoiselle, Glamour, ELLE to name a few. The top photographers of Mid Century fashion sought Jean for their muse. However, best known of over 40 photographers who photographed Jean is Irving Penn. None greater than Irving Penn’s photographic collaborations with Jean Patchett for Vogue. Jean’s photographs by Penn are legendary, and important contributors to the world of fashion, art, and photography, becoming a history of the 1950s Haute Couture. Irving Penn said: Jean was “a young American Goddess of Paris Couture”.

Here is a link to Amazon’s page for “American Goddess Jean Patchett” book where you may “Pre-Order” prior to October 2019.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art on ‘Photography Manipulation’ Jean by Erwin Blumenfeld

A new exhibition mounted by The Metropolitan Museum of Art focuses on ‘Photography Manipulation’ before photo shop. Included is Erwin Blumenfeld’s iconic photo of Jean Patchett’s immaculate eye and mouth. Shows the process from the minimal image to final enhanced image as shown on the Vogue cover.

Image was on a 1950 Vogue cover, and has been used recently for a Chanel promotion. This image created by Erwin Blumenfeld is one of the all time Iconic Vogue covers.

aaa. photomanipulation-JeanPatchettbyErwinBlumenfeld,Voguecopy3

Jean Patchett Vogue Model – An American in Paris “Couture” 1950s

Jean Patchett Vogue Model – An American In Paris “Couture” – Photography 1948 thru 1958 Jean was “a young American Goddess of Paris

Jean was “a young American Goddess of Paris Couture”. Quote: Irving Penn, Vogue Photographer

Photographers: Norman Parkinson, Irving Penn, Erwin Blumenfeld, Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Horst P. Horst, Clifford Coffin, Nina Leen, and John Rawlings


Eileen Ford founder of Ford Models talks about Jean Patchett & Six Decades of Defining Beauty

Wonderful documentary about Eileen Ford of The Ford Models. Eileen Ford talks about Jean Patchett as the Ford Agency’s first big model.

Eileen Ford: Six Decades of Defining Beauty: Documentary
Documentary about fashion icon Eileen Ford, narrated by voiceover talent Donna Reed

“THE BIG THREE” – Dovima, Suzy Parker & Jean Patchett

“THE BIG THREE” Dovima, Suzy Parker & Jean Patchett Iconic Vogue Models



Jean Patchett – “THAT FACE!” – YouTube Video

Jean Patchett : That Face!” Sung by Frank Sinatra Jr.

Jean Patchett Interview

Edward R. Murrow Person to Person
Jan 28,1955

Jean Patchett was featured on CBS Television on Edward R. Murrow’s show Person to Person on January 28, 1955.

In Mr. Murrow’s introduction he said: “Jean Patchett has been the most sought after model for nearly seven years now.” Murrow, an Emmy Award winning journalist whose show was in its 2nd season, interviewed Jean in episode 22. Jean and husband Louis Auer V were broadcast live from their home in the relaxed style of Mr. Murrow’s TV journalism. The innately curious public got a firsthand peek inside the home and could hear and see Jean personally during conversations with Mr. Murrow. The discussions were opened by Edward R. Murrow from his wingback chair in the studio, while several television cameras at different locations allowed Jean and Louis to answer questions, and have conversations from various rooms in their home. When Edward R. Murrow asked Jean what color her eyes were? Jean replied: “Oh don’t you know?” “Why they’re brown; you’ll have to come in a little closer.” The camera moved in close to Jean’s face and focused on her eyes. Jean also spoke about the “Doe Eye” craze and what high fashion was and why models posed with serious expressions on their faces. She laughed and relaxed more for the camera as she then took a tour to show a display of her Vogue Covers. She also demonstrated for the camera how she applied make-up to her eyes and eye brow.

The 15 minute program with Jean Patchett was during the 6 year run of Mr. Murrow’s Person to Person.