The tribute to Jean Patchett is the official and authorized website created and produced by the Auer and Patchett families. The website is dedicated to the career and memory of Vogue Cover Model Jean Patchett. Jean’s legendary modeling career touched three decades, from 1948, through the 1950s until 1963 when she retired from modeling to raise her family. We present to viewers a vast selection of her fashion photographs and the story of her life during those glamorous 15 years that Jean worked as a fashion model. Jean helped define the face of modeling for over decade, and was an icon of the Vogue French couture. We feel it is most important to show images of Jean during this fabulous era, while giving insight into her personal life as well. There are several websites that show images of Jean. Upon closer examination, one discovers that some of the images attributed to Jean are not really Jean at all. It is unfortunate that other models are being tagged as Jean Patchett by mistake or lack of knowledge. A bit more research and study of the model’s unique features would have helped prevent these misrepresentations. Jean Patchett’s natural beauty mark to the right of her pencil lined eye, and red pouty lips were her trademark, which accentuated her unmistakable face. We are passionate about showing photos of Jean. As family, we feel in a unique position to provide this kind of historic accuracy.

It is our mission to show Jean’s images captured in photographs from Vogue, Glamour and Life Magazines and fashion ads. Who better than her family can present a tribute to Jean Patchett in words and photographs with accuracy and dramatic impact? Jean’s daughter, Amy Auer and Jean’s cousin Daniel Patchett worked together to sort out and select photographs, pictures, documents and magazine clippings found packed into several shopping bags kept by Jean over the years. We had the good fortune to have a book of pictures and photographs assembled over the years by Jean’s sister Bette Wilson, (Mrs. Ridgely Wilson). Amy Auer has Jean Patchett’s date book from 1951 that shows appointments relating to her marriage to Louis Auer V, and actual modeling sessions with renowned photographers of the era. My sister, Susan Patchett Bartley contributed a composition of photos and commentary titled “Images of Jean” that was helpful to our research. As well we are utilizing original images drawn from vintage magazines from the 1940s and 1950s. These images of Jean are divided by decade and shown in three galleries. You will find art photographs of Jean, documentary photographs, and some snapshots taken of Jean with family members.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the words and images of Jean Patchett as much as we enjoyed writing, assembling, designing and editing the tribute. This has been a labor of love and all of us are passionate about continuing her legacy. We’re always amazed with the body of Jean’s work. She had a very active modeling schedule, and these images of Jean testify to her energy and quality of work in her art. We are her adoring fans and will be always.

After receiving the first proofs and photos in the tribute of her mother, Amy Auer said to me, “The pictures of Jean still take your breath away.” And indeed they do.

We are making discoveries every week as new material comes to light.  Amy and I get together and go through Jean’s archives of modeling memorabilia she saved during her career as a Vogue model. Jean was one of three top models of the era who were known as “The Big Three”; Dovima, Suzy Parker & Jean Patchett. In addition to being colleagues, these three uniquely beautiful women were friends.



Parade Magazine April 10, 1955, Jean featured for the Easter edition. Left unrestored image and Right image restored.









Daniel C. Patchett showing a newspaper ad for Hess from the Philadelphia Enquirer & other newspapers about jean left.


Linda Morand, Dan Patchett & Amy Auer, Jean Patchett’s daughter visiting the Diana Vreeland Harper’s Bazaar Covers 1936 – 1962 Exhibit at Hearst Tower seen here in from of huge mural showing every Bazaar cover from 1936 through 1962. Linda Morand 1960s -70s Supermodel and now a major fashion history promoter, and interest shared with Dan who is a major fashion history promoter of Jean Patchett. Photos taken January 21, 2013.


Amy Auer, Jean Patchett’s daughter  & cousin Daniel C. Patchett admiring one of the featured Bazaar Covers with Jean Patchett during the Diana Vreeland Harper’s Bazaar Covers 1936 – 1962 Exhibit at Hearst Tower, NYC.